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Development Portal

ExaDigm’s Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to stay one step ahead of the competition! Using an integrated suite of development tools powered by the Linux Operating System and Eclipse IDE, developers can create, test, debug and load software applications faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

Create | Develop | Succeed

Powerful Software Development Toolkit

Powered by an Open Source embedded Linux Operating System, ExaDigm enables developers to build robust and feature rich software solutions using this powerful development tool kit.

  1. Share code throughout all ExaDigm platforms
  2. Shorten development time by reducing terminal software downloads
  3. C or C++ programming – Industry standard for payment and communication devices
  4. Created on a Linux platform leveraging the work of the Linux community
  5. Powered by Eclipse and KDevelop IDE’s
  6. Robust coding and debugging tools
  7. Free development environment

Development Partner Portal

Delivers access to…

  1. Software updates
  2. Uninterrupted communication with SDK community
  3. One-time Technical Support for SDK users
  4. Developers Community Forum
  5. Pricing and ordering information
  6. Maintenance, Support, Training Programs …and more!

SDK Components

ExaDigm Simulator

SDK Tool Chain

ExaDigm TMS

Sample Code


System Requirements

Host System – Linux OS (Fedora Core 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and OpenSUSE 10.3)

Intel or AMD 32 bit CPU


50MB Hard Drive space

Serial Port or USB to Serial adapter


Download SDK Brochure

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   Software Development Kit


   NX Series:

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   GT Management System                                (GTMS)

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