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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are ExaDigm’s business hours?

A: ExaDigm’s corporate office is open Monday – Friday 8am -5pm PST. However our technical support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Technical Support can be reached here.

Q: How do I setup my NX2200 credit card terminal?

A: Download the NX2200 User’s Guide here.

Q: How do I perform operations on my NX2200 credit card terminal such as run a sale, a void, settlement?

A: Download the NX2200 Quick Reference Guide here.

Q: What type of paper does NX2200 credit card terminal use?

A: All ExaDigm terminals use standard thermal 38mm paper. ExaDigm does not sell paper, however they can be bought at any Office Depot or Office Max store.

Q: I just had a file build completed, how do I download it into my NX2200 my credit card terminal?

A: Download the Download Guide here and follow the necessary steps. If you need further assistance, contact ExaDigm’s Technical Support Center here.

Q: How do I update my billing information for monthly wireless fees?

A: Download the Wireless Billing Change form here, fill it out and send back to

Q: How do I cancel my wireless service account?

A: Download the Wireless Deactivation form here, fill it out and send back to

Q: My XD credit card terminal is getting “connection errors” when I try to process a transaction or settlement. How do I fix this?

A: Try to re-establish a connection by following the steps below.

If your terminal still will not connect, contact our technical support center here.

1. From main page of terminal:

2. Try powering off your credit card terminal, and then powering it back on. Wait for the terminal to boot up to the main page. Once the signal bars appear on the top left of the screen, re-try your transaction/settlement.

Q: What does S & F mean?

A: “S” stands for “Store”; this function stores credit card transaction information in case your terminal loses connection during operation or you know you are in an area where you won’t be able to connect.

“F” stands for “Forward”; this is the process where after connection is re-established the terminal will attempt to authorize your stored transactions so that they will be ready to be settled/batched out for the day.

Q: How do I order accessories for my credit card terminal?

A: Download an Order Form here, fill it out and send back to Our orders department will contact you with any questions regarding your request.

Q: Since ExaDigm does not have the ability to see transactions or batch history, what is the number to my processor?

A: Click here for the Processor Help Desk Phone Numbers list. If you do not see the appropriate number you can try calling your MSP (Merchant Service Provider).

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