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Food Service Solutions

The food service industry operates across a wide range of environments. From casual dining restaurants, to quick service; from food to-go at the drive-thru window, to curbside pickup, to home delivery; consumers increasingly expect service, convenience, and a variety of payment options with their dining experience. Food service providers are also eager to offer service and convenience whenever and wherever the customers are.

To support the food service industry and provide the most expansive and versatile suite of payment solutions, ExaDigm leverages the speed of broadband Internet access, the flexibility of wireless LAN and WiFi, and the mobility of wireless cellular.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Payment card usage in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is rising dramatically. As consumers increasingly turn to the convenience of card payments, QSRs can see the direct impact of accepting credit and debit cards, contactless cards, gift cards and loyalty cards on their bottom line.

ExaDigm has implemented the new small purchase transaction criteria in the QSR solution, which means transactions under $25 would not require a signature, speeding up the transaction time.


Consumers expect payments at the counter to be fast and efficient, and to speed them through the payment process. ExaDigm’s Pay-at-the-Counter solution delivers the flexibility to accept a range of payment cards, including contactless, as well as offering power, speed and the security of IP.


No longer are consumers as willing to relinquish their cards and have it taken out of sight due to the increasing concerns over card fraud and identity theft. ExaDigm’s Pay-at-the-Table solution allows customers to make payments directly at their table, while offering flexibility in communication options helping reduce costs and increase revenues.


Introducing the latest in payment solutions for stadiums, arenas, theaters and event venues. ExaDigm’s Pay-at-the-Seat solution gives food service providers at major stadium and event venues the ability to deliver unparalleled customer convenience and increase revenues through advanced card payment technology. Consumers now have no need to leave their seats to purchase food and can do it all with a wide range of card-based payment methods.


With more and more consumers looking for speed and convenience when it comes to food service, operators have to offer a greater number of options in how they serve their customers outside of traditional table service. Whether it’s drive-thru, curbside pick-up, or food-to-go, ExaDigm’s Pay-at-the-Car solution enables food service operators to offer customers the ability to pay how they want while at the same time realizing the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and faster service.


Home delivery for food service is on the rise. No longer are consumers wanting basic delivery services, they are increasingly demanding the flexibility of being able to order from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to their door. At the same time, they want the option to pay the same way they would if they were receiving table service. ExaDigm’s Pay-at-the-Door solution gives customers the ability to pay with cards, while offering operators the security of processing real-time payments right at the customer’s front door.

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